About D's Doggie Do's & Cats Too

D's Doggie Do's & Cats Too is a pet care company that has been in business for 16 years, and we are certified by the Monroe County Sheriff of Animal Management in Bloomington. D's Doggie Do's & Cats Too practices gentle grooming and positive reinforcement to help dogs and cats trust and not be afraid of the groomer or the grooming process. We will help customers provide all necessary papers for dogs' files. D's Doggie Do's & Cats Too goes the extra mile to help those who need a helping hand as far as retrieving their pet from their vehicle if they have difficulty bringing in their pet or picking it up. We work hard to provide a clean environment for everyone, and our goal is to be the most qualified and professional groomers in Bloomington. We have a self-wash station at the front entrance to wash your own dog with shampoos, towels, and aprons provided for your convenience as well. For more information about our services, call D's Doggie Do's & Cats Too today!